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When you are in search of a charter bus VA, look at a company that has provided service for millions of people that not only travel in VA but that travel all across the country in safety and comfort. One of the biggest concerns for anyone looking for a charter bus VA is getting everyone their safely. We make the safety of our customers a priority and that's why our first time customers choose us to be their only form of group transportation. Our charter buses offer amenities such as high back reclining seats, restrooms, TV, DVD players and CD players just to name a few. 

Throughout VA you can expect to encounter at least a dozen or so special events going on at any time of the year. From Virginia Beach events to VA State holidays, a VA arts festival, or VA music festivals, there’s always plenty to do in the “Old Dominion.”  An annual event in VA that you shouldn’t miss is the Historic Cemeteries Tour in Fredericksburg. This tour will take you through three of Fredericksburg's most historic cemeteries St. George's Episcopal Church, the Masonic Cemetery and the Washington-Gordon Cemetery near Kenmore.

Another thing to do in VA is shopping. Fantastic VA shopping is one of the main reasons many people visit, from factory outlets, to antique shops, to gift shops, and Virginia Beach shopping, VA shopping is the ideal destination for treasure hunters. Weekends in VA will also give you the opportunity to flea market shop and hunt down unbelievable bargains. After a day of shopping there is nothing better then to hit up one of the VA nightclubs. Throughout the state of VA you can enjoy nightlife activities ranging from ballroom dancing, theater, concerts, line dancing, neighborhood pubs, karaoke and more.

So if you and your group are trying to organize a fun trip for everyone and the planning is taking up too much of your time, then choosing a charter bus VA as your means of transportation is the way to go. Trying to organize transportation for a group of people can be very difficult, trying to rent cars or vans to get everyone there can also be very costly, but this can all change when booking with a charter bus VA company whose priority is customer service. Call today and one of our highly trained sales reps will help handle your travel needs.

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Nov 18, 2013 - A Walk at the Metro Richmond Zoo

Everyone loves the zoo. There is not one adult or child who would not enjoy a good day out at the zoo, exploring the many exhibits and looking at the many different types of creatures that exist in this world. You can ask your rental bus driver to take you and your group of friends over to Metro Richmond Zoo, located in Chesterfield Country, Virginia.

The Metro Richmond Zoo is about 70 acres big and houses approximately 1,400 animals, with more than 150 species represented at the zoo. The biggest highlights at this zoo are the reticulated giraffe, white rhinoceros, snow leopard, cheetah and the Grant’s zebra.

This zoo started off as a hobby by Jim Andelin in 1980. He collected animals and later turned this hobby into a full-time profession. However, the zoo was only opened to the public in 1995, and from then, many animals were donated to the zoo and by 1999, the zoo has already received 38 animals.

One of the most notable exhibit in Metro Richmond Zoo is the chance to feed the giraffes at its exhibit, as well as the white Bengal tigers on display here. You can feed the giraffes with the zoo treats sold here. There is a herd of nine reticulated giraffes here and a single Masai giraffe which is kept in a separate yard together with one other reticulated giraffe. There are other animals placed together with the gentle giraffes such as the Eastern bongo, klipspringer, black-necked swan, ostrich, and some cranes. For those with children, you should visit the children’s farm in order to feed the entourage of animals here like deer, goats, sheep, young antelopes and donkeys.

You should also visit the primates section as this zoo owns one of the largest primate collection in the United States. There are more than 200 animals here representing 30 species with an awesome Diana Monkey breeding program to boot. You can visit primates species such as the Sulawesi macaque, orangutan, Red-handed tamarin, Coppery titi, Ring-tailed lemur and many more.

As you walk about the zoo, you will also encounter free roaming animals such as geese, peafowls and ducks. This zoo also features rest stops for wild Virginia native waterfowl like the wood duck, mallards and Canada geese.

Since it is Christmas around the corner, don’t miss out on Metro Richmond Zoo’s Christmas pageant, which is usually hosted on 21-23 December. You will experience the beautiful decorations with thousands of Christmas lights, wreaths and trees around the zoo.


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